in need of some “me” time? what speaks to your soul today?

you are uniquely you

our products are designed with your needs in mind. each ingredient is carefully chosen to benefit your skin and enhance your entire experience.  our small batches are handcrafted with love and great juju.

we strive to offer innovative and unique products that bring pure joy to your skin and soul.

community = ❤️

bathintentions was born thanks to the incredible support of our awesome community and we want to give that love right back. learn more about our initiatives, fundraising support, and passion.

delivery program

in an effort to spread love and appreciation throughout our incredible community, we have created the hugs and kisses delivery program. if you know a selfless individual who always gives to other, we want to honour them!


our community love program is a profit sharing initiative in which we work with your group reach its fundraising goals. together, we will choose products that you love and can easily sell to family and friends and beyond to raise financial support.

it pays to be a host

looking to score a discount on our fun products? host a party! you’ll receive goodies and discounts based on what your guests order. get your friends together, grab a bottle of wine, and browse and sample our products  at home.


we’re seeking retail partners in eastern Ontario who cater to women. do you love fresh scents and fresh opportunities? let’s chat about our quality, handmade products and how you can help your customers make time for themselves.


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