who we are

bathintentions is a family-owned company that came to life during the most challenging of times and thanks to the love and support of our family, friends, staff, and community.

Alaya, creative genius, and co-founder brought together her love of life and fierce determination to not only help build a business she loved but also battle and be treated for cancer over six times. Alaya left this earth and her spirit went home in September 2018. learn more about her journey here.

Dinah, mom and co-f ounder, rebelled against the difficult circumstances with bold, ingenious ideas to ensure the fruition of the family’s vision.

we believe that business, and life, is about caring and strong relationships through good and bad times. with that, we carry on our programs, product innovation, and life-honoring  Alaya’s spirit at the core of everything we do.

                        with love, xoxox


the team

her motto: "do it now!"

every moment of the day is different for dinah. she goes from formulating recipes, researching the best ingredients, listening to what customers love, smelling and testing fragrances (very serious business), to handcrafting products, creating relationships with suppliers, hanging out with retail partners to better know what they need and would love, seeking opportunities to be involved in the community and hearing from her team. perhaps, all this multitasking and intense quality control are the reasons why in her next life, you may find her curled up on the couch in a patch of sunshine as a house cat. well fed and taken care of!  she can’t work without music and her passion for her tribe clearly runs deep. 

her favourite quote: "you snooze, you lose"

nancy is lovable and brings her exceptional organizational and management skills to bathintentions during our fun, and stress-free studio days. 

her bucket list includes travelling, a new kitchen and watching her daughter suceed. if she wins the lottery, you can probably find her on the first flight to Paris.

her favourite quote: "If it's not broke, leave it alone"

sandra is pretty sure she was a pilot in a previous life. her bucket list includes a trip to hawaii and indoor skydiving! if she was a superhero, she would be bionic woman. this would probably help cross fixing mobility issues off her bucket list, too!

her favorite days at bathintentions are filled with laughs and fun, but they always get the job done!  if she wins the lottery, you can probably catch her buying a house by a warm beach somewhere.

in loving memory 

her motto: "feel the fear and do it anyway"

it’s no wonder she’s always thinking up new and innovative combinations and products to help sooth your skin and senses, since she’s pretty sure in another life she was a sorceress that used herbs to heal.

watch out for superhero alaya, who would likely be found using her psychokinesis for good or shape-shifting in order to befriend a sloth or two in the wild! her real-life superpower? making people laugh and speaking her mind. 

remembering Alaya

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community = ❤️

bathintentions was born thanks to the incredible support of our awesome community and we want to give that love right back. learn more about our initiatives, fundraising support, and passion.

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