i am breathtaking | shower steamers | spearmint peppermint wintergreen

set of 3 showers steamers. our shower steamers are perfect for times when you’re feeling congested. just place one on the shower floor, out of the direct water spray and they release a strong scent to help relieve the sniffles. the “i am breathtaking” shower steamer is a minty combination to help you breathe deeply.

these shower steamers are for you if you:

  • need to clear your mind
  • need a little pick-me-up
  • love warm, soothing showers

to use: place on shower floor out of direct water spray during your shower.

ingredients : sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, menthol crystals,  aqua, peppermint oil, spearrmint oil, wintergreen oil, CI 118965,CI 74180 & CI 10020.

wash hands after handling.
use in well ventilated room.
not recommended for children.
NEVER use in bath.