i am sassy | bath bomb | flirtatious fruity flowers

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the “i am sassy” bath bomb will light up your bathwater with a wonderful array of vibrant colors and you will be seduced by this boudoir-inspired fragrance which blends black vanilla with a surprising twists of juicy fruit and seductive flowers this a true feminine bomb who struts her stuff when she’s released into the bath water and you will be strutting your stuff too when you towel off.

this bath bomb is for you if you:

● love the scents of fruit and flowers
● want to feel feminine, fun and flirty
● wish to experience beautiful colors in your bath

individually packaged to ensure product safety and integrity. perfect for gift giving.

to use: drop in bath water and enjoy the experience!

155 grams

ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, cornstarch,sea salt, apricot kernel oil, lathanol powder, parfum, cream of tartar , witch hazel distillate , polysorbate 80,  kaolin clay, coconut oil, CI 42090, CI 15985, CI 45100, CI 74180, CI 10020 & CI 50420.

caution – discontinue use if irritation or rash occurs.